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How will my child get used to nursery?

‘Settling in’ days prior to your child’s start date are free of charge to ensure they are comfortable in their surroundings. This helps both the child and parents feel relaxed and ready for their time at nursery. We will keep you updated during their sessions to give you peace of mind, with feedback at the end of the visit, and the use of our App to upload pictures and information throughout.

If my child struggles to settle in after the free settling in days, what happens?

We have some additional strategies we can put in place to help your child become more familiar with the nursery. You are able to take your regular sessions and collect within these times if it becomes too much for your little one so soon.

My child has never been around other children due to the pandemic, what will staff do to support them with the transition?

At Rosehill Day Nursery, we understand that a large number of young children have not had the opportunity to socialise with other children in similar settings and for them this is something very unfamiliar. Our highly experienced staff will be there to support you and your child by creating a warm and welcoming environment and by giving the child the time they need to adjust. We have a settling in programme for every child, we use our nursery App to communicate the day’s events with parents and carers, and tailor each child’s experiences to suit them using our Kep Person system.

What is the clean air system in your nursery?

Our nursery has cleaner air inside than out! We have installed the latest state of the art Mechanical Ventilation and Air-Conditioning systems to ensure your child only breathes the freshest, cleanest air at all times. The system completely renews the air in every room in the building every 15 minutes removing COշ and moisture caused by breathing and filtering out dust, particulates, pollen and polluting gasses to the benefit of all, but especially those suffering from asthma or any respiratory problems.

Recent Government Guidelines have proposed ventilation in all school classrooms in the fight against Covid. In many cases this means opening windows, not a good idea in Winter! Our systems go above and beyond these guidelines.

We are confident that these systems provide the most comfortable and healthy indoor environment  for our Children, and also add to our “Green Credentials”.

Do staff have allergen training for children with an Epi Pen?

Some staff have Epi Pen and allergen training. Should children enrol with allergies we would communicate fully with parents to ensure you and your child’s needs are met.

Do you offer flexibility in terms of start and finishing times as I work shifts?

Once you have booked a contracted session, you can drop off and collect within those times to suit your needs. Also, you are welcome to book a half day, and add top up hours to suit you subject to availability.

How much are the fees?

Our Fees can be found here.

What do your fees include?

Fees include all meals, snacks, formula for infants, nappies and day trips. Toothbrushes, sun cream and craft items are some of the many other items included! Morning Sessions include Breakfast, Snack and Lunch. Afternoon Sessions include Snack and Tea.

All we need parents to bring is a change of clothes in case we get a little messy! We have a small additional fee for those who take a Government Funded Session to cover the consumables.

When will my child receive their Government funded hours?

The Government pay funding the term after your child turns 9 months, 2 or 3 years old. Receiving a funding code does not mean that you will receive funding straightaway.

For example, if your baby turns 9 months old on 1st October, they will receive government funding from the start of the Spring term following.

If your child is born 1st June, they will receive government funding from the start of the Autumn term following them turning 2 or 3.

Can I request an extra session for my child? How do I pay and when?

Of course! Extra sessions can be booked via our App or through a member of staff. Payment can be made by bank transfer prior to the extra session.

When are the fees due to be paid?

Fees are due in full on 1st of each month for that month of childcare. i.e. Fees for September’s childcare are due 1st September.

Can my child come into nursery with a cold?

All children will have a runny nose at some point, but if they are generally unwell, with a bad cough, drowsy, little energy, off their food or just really not themselves, they are better to stay at home. Please call us if you are unsure and we can talk through any symptoms.

What shoes should my child bring to nursery?

We recommend one pair of outdoor shoes or trainers and a pair of slippers for keeping cosy inside! In the Autumn/Winter months children should bring a pair of wellies that can stay at nursery for outside activities.

What happens if I’m late to pick up?

Our Nursery has a duty of care to children and parents to ensure that the collection of children is made at the agreed time or within normal nursery opening hours. Late collection causes additional overhead and costs for the Nursery as children/staff ratios may not be maintained. It can potentially cause unnecessary distress to the child as well. Please ring as soon as you know you will be late and confirm who will collect in your place. Late collection fees do apply, more information can be found in our policy.