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Our Nursery

We have 3 different age setting groups with activities fully designed to give your child the most rewarding experience from their time at nursery.

Outdoor time is very important for children’s physical and mental wellbeing. We make the most of our lovely garden filled with play and learning equipment by planning daily outdoor activities for all the children.

Every room in our nursery is brand new and purpose built for each age setting. We have a no shoe policy for all staff members in each of the nursery rooms.

Rosehill Day Nursery Carlisle
Rosehill Day Nursery Carlisle

The Cleanest Air

Our nursery has cleaner air inside than out! We have installed the latest state of the art Mechanical Ventilation / Air-Conditioning system to ensure your child only breathes the freshest, cleanest air at all times. The system completely renews the air in every room in the building every 15 minutes removing COշ and moisture caused by breathing and filtering out dust, particulates, pollen and polluting gasses to the benefit of all, but especially those suffering from asthma or any respiratory problems.

We believe in building strong partnerships and communication between our staff and parents to support your child’s development and journey with us. We give daily feedback at drop off and collection including meal information, nappy changes, activities and sleep times.