Our Team

Nicola Sinkinson - Rosehill Day Nursery

Nicola Sinkinson, Manager

Hello everyone, I’m Nicola the new manager at Rosehill Day Nursery! I am really excited to come on board and help create a fantastic nursery.

I am a qualified primary school teacher with a specialism in the early years, I hold an AVCE qualification, and have training certificates galore, but for me, nothing beats ‘hands on’ learning.

I have worked in nurseries and schools in Cumbria and London for many years now, and I’m really passionate about doing so.

It’s really important to me that our nursery is safe for the children, and helps them progress through play and exciting opportunities. I feel it must be reassuring and welcoming for parents, and somewhere that staff feel valued and supported.

My carefully selected team will be my number one tool to facilitate the best possible provision for children and their families, and I fully intend on investing in training, support and guidance in order to make this happen.

It’s a new chapter for myself and all involved and I just can’t wait to open the doors in September to what will be some fantastic future memories.

We are enrolling children right now, so if you need childcare, get in touch, I would love to meet you and your little ones!

Jodie Matthews - Rosehill Day Nursery

Jodie Matthews, Deputy Manager

Hi Everybody,

I’m Jodie! I have worked with children for over 14 years in many different settings and have gained a wealth of experience with children aged 3 months to 12 years.

I have a level 3 in children’s care, learning and development, a qualification in baby massage and I am working towards my level 5 alongside a wealth of certificates in the early years.

I have worked overseas around Europe setting up children’s clubs, private nannying and working in schools and nurseries in the UK and love every aspect of my working life.

I am really excited to be a part of the Rosehill family and cannot wait to get to know your little ones and support them on their nursery journey.

Miss Katie - Rosehill Day Nursery

Miss Katie

Miss Katie has an undoubted passion for childcare, she commenced her training the day after her School Prom, aged just 16 and now has 5 years experience under her belt and is Level 4 qualified.

Miss Katie works full time in our ‘Baby Chicks’ room, she also looks after a child with additional needs outside of nursery hours so is a very busy lady with lots of energy! There really is no doubt she was born to work in this industry!

Miss Katie is hardworking, approachable, caring and very easy to talk to.

The favourite part of her job is making solid relationships with parents and to see children change and develop.

Miss Katie’s hobbies include, going to the gym and socialising with friends.

She’s our ‘baby’ of the Rosehill Day Nursery staff family, but has a wealth of knowledge and a good head on her young shoulders along with an extremely friendly smile and the most beautiful blue eyes!

Miss Amy - Rosehill Day Nursery

Miss Amy

Being a mummy herself to two lovely children and having worked in a nursery setting for 14 years, Miss Amy is extremely experienced and very well organised!

Miss Amy is Level 3 qualified and has various other qualifications such as First Aid and Safeguarding.

Miss Amy loves to work with children of all ages in a nursery setting but has a soft spot for the babies!

In her spare time, (Amy will no doubt be saying ‘what spare time with two children?!’) she enjoys spending quality time with her family and socialising with friends when she can!

Miss Amy is fun, bubbly and a little bundle of pure happiness!

Her favourite aspect of her job is ‘no two days are the same’.

Miss Natasha - Rosehill Day Nursery

Miss Natasha

Miss Natasha has over 17 years experience in childcare! Tasha says this makes her feel a tad old but we disagree, Tasha was made for this job and has an undeniable amount of understanding and expertise towards her role as a Level 4 practitioner in the Red Robins Room.

Miss Natasha has many other qualifications under her belt which include yoga for children, First Aid and Safeguarding.

Miss Natasha lives at home with her husband and young son where they grow their own potatoes, carrots and rhubarb. As a family, they love their trips out to the Lake District. She also enjoys swimming, gardening and baking, although, she doesn’t have much of a sweet tooth, more of a savoury kind of girl!

Miss Natasha has a soothing, calming nature, she is extremely patient and very tidy! It’s impossible not to love Miss Natasha!

Her favourite part of her job is seeing the children grow and develop to reach different milestones.

Miss Emma - Rosehill Day Nursery

Miss Emma

Mum to three lovely young boys of her own, aged 6, 4 and 2 years old, Miss Emma has just enough time on her hands to be a very patient, part time practitioner in our Red Robins Room (Toddlers) and we’re very pleased she does so as she’s a great asset to our team with her welcoming and caring nature.

Miss Emma has a Level 3 Diploma in Childcare Education and is also First Aid trained. She has worked in a nursery setting for the last 13 years and enjoys getting involved in every aspect of nursery life whether it be story time, messy play or hand overs.

Miss Emma enjoys trips out, spending time with her family and friends.

Miss Emma absolutely loves to see children’s smiley, happy faces, children having fun, being busy, engaged and building their own independence.

Miss Jess - Rosehill Day Nursery

Miss Jess

Miss Jess is a full time practitioner in the ‘Baby Chicks’ room. Jess is Level 3 qualified and has 3 years experience in a nursery environment.

Jess is has an extremely calming nature and is absolutely brilliant with children and we’re very happy to have her as a part of our team.

Miss Jess is a very busy lady with lots of energy! She has another job in which she works at weekends, milking cows that she thoroughly enjoys.

Jess has two dogs, Buzz and Brooke, which in her precious spare time she enjoys taking them on walks. She also loves to spend time with her niece and nephew.

Jess’s favourite part of her job is to see children grow and develop their own personalities.

Miss Cailin - Rosehill Day Nursery

Miss Cailin

Miss Cailin has a huge amount of knowledge in the Childcare Industry. Cailin boasts a BA (Hons) Degree in Early Years Education and a Teacher Training Degree.

Miss Cailin taught Infants and Juniors at a local school in Cumbria for 3 years before joining us at Rosehill Day Nursery. She wanted more of the one to one, quality time spent with the children, hence the transition into a nursery environment. Cailin has experience with all ages of children and is a real asset as a full time practitioner between the Wise Owls and Red Robins, who are the older age groups in our nursery.

Cailin is absolutely lovely and we love her just as much as her little Westie dog, Tia, does. Cailin says that Tia never leaves her side and the children don’t seem to either!

In her spare time, Cailin enjoys visiting the Lake District and talking strolls along the beach with her furry best friend. She also has a three year old niece with whom she loves to bake various different cakes.

When we asked Cailin what the favourite aspect of her job is, her face lit up and she answered ‘Everything! But I absolutely love teaching children and seeing them so excited about learning!’

Samantha Ward - Rosehill Day Nursery
Rosie Hart - Rosehill Day Nursery

Sam & Rosie

Sam and Rosie are sisters and Co-Owner’s of Rosehill Day Nursery.

Sam runs Samantha Ward Aesthetics and Rosie is part of the team at WM Plant. Both businesses are situated next door to the nursery so they’re never far away and are very much involved in nursery life.

“We absolutely adore children, the joy they bring to our lives is the most incredible feeling!” Say the sisters.

“Our mission is to bring to Carlisle a safe, fun and happy nursery environment, employing staff that are content, nurturing, enthusiastic and excel in every aspect to enable your children to flourish and be the best they can be.”

“Also, for you, as parents, it’s extremely important to us that you feel like you’re leaving your special little people in the most capable of hands and that’s what our team has worked to hard to create.”

Sam is recently married and hopes to start a family of her own one day with her husband, Joe. But for now, she has her (very cute) ‘fur baby’ Florence!

Rosie is married to Michael and they have a daughter Francesca with another little one on the way!

In Sam’s spare time, (she often jokes it’s so infrequent, she should move into the building now it has a shower!) she enjoys being at home and spending it with her family. Sam’s favourite food is spag bol or cheese on toast, she can’t quite decide. She can’t bare apple juice, even to look at it, but will quite happily eat an apple!

Rosie loves to spend time with her family and friends, cooking and enjoying the outdoors. Favourite food has got to be a Sunday roast!

As sisters, we are extremely close and love welcoming new families to join our growing Rosehill Day Nursery Family. Our aim is to always do our best in the provision of all aspects of nursery life from your children’s development, care, standards of food and resources as well as staff training.